How To Choose The Perfect Warehouse Space

There are multiple factors that will help determine which warehouse space works best for your business.  Whether you are starting out for the first time, or you are an experienced business owner, It is important to consider the following. 


1) How much warehouse space do you need?  (Square / Feet)
Factors Include:

  • How much space do you currently rent or lease in (square/feet)
  • Room to Grow / Expand
    • Do you plan on increasing sales (year/year)?
    • If so, how much will you need to expand your operations?
  • Do you Need Loading Dock Access?
    • How many loading docks?
    • How Frequent?
    • Do you need load levelers?
  • Have you made a flow chart of your daily operations?
    • Use a floor map of everything you use for your new or current operation.
      • This will help you make the ideal set-up
      • Leave enough room to safely walk in between equipment, storage, etc.

Take the time and figure out what will work best for your business. The perfect warehouse space might be great for one business and completely different from another.